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Achieve new levels of thermal compliance and cooling energy cost reduction with EkkoSense.

Unlike traditional critical cooling approaches, EkkoSense harnesses the potential of the 'fully-sensed' data centre to enable entirely new levels of thermal compliance and cooling energy cost reduction. Every single EkkoSense deployment has delivered 100% rack-level ASHRAE thermal compliance for customers, with an average cooling saving of 23% and project payback in under 12 months
Business description

Removing thermal risk from your data centres
Organisations taking advantage of EkkoSense's innovative sensors, immersive software and expert thermal services achieve new levels of thermal understanding and efficiency. The EkkoSense thermal cooling solutions include:

" EkkoSoft Critical® 3D thermal monitoring, visualisation and capacity planning software - EkkoSense's SaaS based 3D thermal visualisation and monitoring software helps data centre managers to improve the real-time management of all the power, cooling and space aspects of their data centre capacity. Using the latest 3D visualisation techniques, EkkoSoft Critical combines rack sensor data and cooling load information to provide a clear insight into current thermal performance across your entire data centre estate

" Critical Things® specialist sensors - a range of low-cost wireless sensors designed for deployment across every rack and cooling unit within your data centre. Our unique EkkoSensor and EkkoAir sensors provide granular thermal monitoring and real-time cooling duty information, enabling true 360-degree monitoring of your data centre's thermal performance, making 100% ASHRAE compliance a reality

" EkkoSense Data Centre Optimisation Services (DCOP®) - EkkoSense's specialist DCOP team of thermal and cooling experts brings over 20 years' proven operational expertise to support your thermal optimisation projects. Across every engagement, the DCOP team has successfully removed thermal data centre risk, achieved 100% ASHRAE thermal compliancy and unlocked significant data centre cooling energy savings

EkkoSense in Action
Organisations engage with EkkoSense to identify and remove thermal risk, secure cooling energy savings and release previously unusable capacity. EkkoSense also provide support for verifying cooling resiliency and proving ASHRAE thermal compliance.

With ROI typically achieved in under a year, organisations secure significant benefits from their EkkoSense engagements. One customer, for example, saw thermal risk removed, with key hot and cold spots fixed, a 30% saving in cooling energy and 100kW+ cooling capacity realised. Another customer worked with EkkoSense to achieve a 34% cooling energy saving from their legacy hall, 32% from an advanced legacy hall and an impressive 46% reduction in data centre cooling costs from their 'state of the art' hall.