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Operational Intelligence (OI) offers services to reduce data centre risk, energy and cost through development of existing operational resources and expertise. We are data centre specialists and work with operational teams to minimise their total cost of ownership. We combine top-down and bottom-up approaches, working with the management team to identify issues and alongside the onsite team to implement changes.
Business description

OI run bespoke, site-based workshop programmes that significantly reduce:
- energy, running costs, risk and PUE,
whilst enabling and improving:
- team empowerment and communication, knowledge and skills and motivation, and
- innovation and continuous improvement.

OI was founded on the idea that there is a better way to achieve data centre optimisation compared to traditional consulting. Our experience as consultants delivering risk and energy assessments is that these have the best outcomes when conducted with the engagement and input of the operations team. Often after a long report is produced for the client this is led away with the recommendations not acted on. OI IS DIFFERENT because we work in a collaborative way with site teams to combine consulting expertise with operational knowledge.

THE PROGRAMME - We created a series of risk & energy modules to deepen participant understanding of the technical basis and practical issues of their own site. This includes analysing air management in the data hall - an important enabler for energy savings - and risk. In our workshops we bring together stakeholders from different areas of the data centre (both internal and external) and at different levels in the organisation, and together, they apply the theoretical principles behind risk and energy reduction to their site, giving them ownership of optimising the facility’s performance. Each programme is highly interactive and bespoke to the facility, students and client objectives, and culminates with a presentation by participants of their findings and recommendations to their management.

On average, we have enabled 12% energy savings and reduced risk, with an ROI of 8 months, and savings per year, for one site, of €1.12 million.

- Training
- Owner's project requirments
- Basis of design
- Peer review
- IST and commissioning
- Data centre life cycle assessment
- Environmental research

Energy efficiency and other credentials
OI contributes regularly to various EU standards, best practices and regulations related to energy efficiency in data centres (for example the EU Code of Conduct for data centres and GPP).