Enterprise Computing Research Lab, University of East London
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The Enterprise Computing (EC) Lab, part of the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering, is a leading research group working in the area of energy efficiency in data centres and Cloud computing. Some of the areas addressed:
- Data Centre Energy Efficiency
- Energy Efficiency KPIs
- Innovation procurement in public sector for environmentally friendly data centres
- Sustainable Software Development
- Standardisation
This is in addition to various training and education programmes in the field.
Business description

The EC Lab has worked on various projects funded by industry and public bodies, such as:
- The EU FP7 PEDCA project (July 2013 – Jan 2015) which looked at the needs for data centre research, training and education in Europe.
- The H2020 EURECA project (March 2015- Mar 2018) which looked at supporting innovation procurement in public sector for more environmentally sound data centres.
- A project with the London Probation Trust (Sept 2011 - June 2016) that looked at security challenges in the gCloud and public sector infrastructures.
- A project with Microsoft (Oct 2009 - June 2014) that looked at identifying methodologies to help right-sizing the deployment of servers to meet application needs.

Additionally, the Lab has been involved in various data centre training and development programmes such as the data centre boot camp http://datacentreessentials.eu

Sample publications:

- Rabih Bashroush. "A Comprehensive Reasoning Framework for Hardware Refresh in Data Centres.”  IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing (2018)

- Rabih Bashroush, Eoin Woods. "Architectural Principles for Energy-Aware Internet-Scale Applications." IEEE Software 34.3 (2017)

- Rabih Bashroush, Eoin Woods, and Adel Noureddine. "Data Center Energy Demand: What Got Us Here Won't Get Us There." IEEE Software 33.2 (2016)

- Syed Islam, Adel Noureddine, and Rabih Bashroush. "Measuring energy footprint of software features." In proceedings of the 24th IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC), Texas, USA, 2016.

- Rabih Bashroush and Moustafa Noureddine, "A Cost Effective Cloud Datacenter Capacity Planning Method Based on Modality Cost Analysis", International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems, 11.3 (2013)

Energy efficiency and other credentials
The Lab contributes regularly to various EU standards, best practices and regulations related to energy efficiency in data centres (e.g. EN50600, GPP, EMAS, Ecodesign, etc.).