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EcoCooling manufacture energy efficient evaporative cooling and ventilation cooling solutions for data centres. Our modular, plug and play internal units are ideal for rapid deployment strategies while our simple external units can be used for retrofit projects. Evaporative cooling and ventilation can reduce cooling costs by up tom 90% across Europe. Case studies include Cambridge University, Leicester City Council and Warwick University.
Business description

REDUCE YOUR DATA CENTRE COOLING COSTS BY 90% with EcoCooling’s direct evaporative cooling, ventilation and control systems. With over 1000 installations worldwide, UK based EcoCooling are innovators in low energy, direct evaporative cooling and ventilation cooling technologies.

Each EcoCooling system uses fresh air to provide a mixture of ventilation, direct evaporative cooling, and attemperation (the automatic mixing of hot and cold air) to maintain the required environment inside a building.

Innovative IT and Comms Cooling

The EcoCooling CREC (Computer Room Evaporative Cooler) is a low energy, fresh air system which uses a combination of ventilation, evaporative cooling and highly efficient EC fans to provide ASHRAE compliant conditions in data centers, irrelevant of load. Unlike Free Cooling, now used by many refrigeration systems, the CREC system uses the outside air all year round by using the heat from the data center itself to heat the incoming air when it is cold outside and conversely cool the air by low energy evaporative cooling when the outside temperature is too high.

Advanced CREC© Control Systems

Developed and built in-house, the sophisticated control systems are designed to the tightest specifications for the data center industry. Features include:

• Versatile Communication Options
• Resilience
• Redundancy
• Alarm Notification
• Historical Data and Event Logging
• Remote Commissioning

Versatile Product ranges: EXTERNAL PRODUCT RANGE (ECP): Proven Technology and Results

The ECP range of coolers can be installed externally or inside a plant room. The standard unit is down flow, however top and side discharge configurations are available.

INTERNAL PRODUCT RANGE (ECT): Compact and Flexible Solutions

The ECT range of coolers are designed to be installed internally and offer an attractive alternative for facilities with external space limitations or security concerns. They have multiple configuration options to allow for easy installation into rooms with limited space. For instance, if you are worried about getting it into your room, the ECT5400 will fit through a single door!

FREE COOLING (ECV): Simple, modular free cooling solutions
The ECV range is ideal for climates where no supplementary cooling is required or in faculities where equipment can withstand higher temperatures. The plug and play units are avaliable in 5kW and 40kW modules and use outside air to cool equipment.

EcoCooling’s R&D Department and Patents

EcoCooling are credited with revolutionising the control systems required to use the equipment in IT and air handling systems. The in-house R&D department works to incorporate the latest energy efficient technologies into all product ranges ensuring our clients have some of the most innovative ventilation and cooling systems in the world. This focus on innovation has also resulted in EcoCooling holding a number of patents for fresh air technologies.

Thinking about an installation? Seminars, case studies and client testimonials are available on our website and YouTube page. Clients include Cap Gemini, Experian, CGG, BT, Cambridge

Energy efficiency and other credentials
Evaporative cooling or adiabatic cooling is a natural, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional air conditioning. Cooling through evaporation is a completely natural occurrence, which elminates the need for refriegratnt or mechanical cooling.