Air@Work BV
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Polanerbaan 1-3
3447 GN Woerden
The Netherlands
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Air@Work is a supplier of energy effcient and environmentally friendly air handling and air conditioning systems. Air@Work offers a low investment & maintenance cost solution for the climate control of computer rooms, data centers, non-residential buildings and industrial spaces.
Business description

The core of the Air@Work air handler consist of the reliable StatiqCooling heat exchanger. StatiqCooling is a Dutch developer and producer of sustainable synthetic counterflow heat exchangers. The StatiqCooler uses indirect adiabatic cooling resulting in a highly energy effcient air cooling solution. With over 15 years experience, it is a well-known name in the marketplace. Air@Work products are based on compressor-less indirect adiabatic cooling. The datacenter cooling system is based on two independent airflows. The system uses the cooling capacity of the ambient air to cool the primary airflow supplied to the computer room. If the ambient air temperature gets too high, the system gradually switches to indirect adiabatic cooling. The water evaporates on the plates of the heat exchanger and removes the heat from the primary airflow supplied to the computer room or data center.

Energy efficiency and other credentials
A datacenter cannot operate one second without electricity and not a minute without cooling. Most conventional cooling systems consume a lot of energy, are expensive to maintain and contribute significantly to global warming. Air@Work has developed a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable cooling system that reduces energy consumption and environmental impact by up to 90%. With our high-quality system you can save immensely on your energy and maintenance costs. The Air@Work Indirect Adiabatic Cooling (IAC) is complying to European standards as well the EN50600-3 and is Certified by the Dutch TNO for legionella free and the German VDI 6022.