UEL will be hosting the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Coordination group on Green Data Centres

UEL will be hosting the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Coordination group on Green Data Centres at its London Docklands Campus, on 13th April 2016. The meeting will have representatives from Cen, Cenelec and ETSI discussing data centre related standards, and will also feature a presentation from the European Commission on the current state of the work on the […]

The 4th EURECA Workshop in Dublin

The Public Sector is moving to ever more digitisation and e-services to reduce costs under even tighter budgetary constraints. Amid growing concerns of increased energy consumption and the sustainability of IT and data centre facilities, over the past few years, many EU governments have started to push for more consolidation of public sector ICT services under various […]

EURECA at Data Centres North Manchester 2016

The DCA data centre trade association in conjunction with the EURECA Consortium would like to invite you to register for this year’s Data Centres North Conference in Manchester on the 11th -12th Feb 2016. This is an ideal opportunity for Public Sector stakeholders to gain a valuable insight into the benefits of using the EURECA […]

The 3rd EURECA Workshop in Turin

Innovation Procurement for Sustainable Data Centre Products and Services On 29 of February 2016 there will be a new EURECA Workshop in Torino (Turin, italy). Background and issues: Data centres provide the core digital infrastructure and connectivity foundation for all Public Sector digital services; Data centres are enablers of energy saving initiatives and e-services; Datacenters […]

EURECA exchanging knowledge and experiences in Riga

Active, two-way communication with the relevant stakeholder groups is a key strategy to maximizing EURECA’s impact and exchange know-how. This is why EURECA undertakes a series of knowledge sharing events across Europe with a wide range of organizations to build a network of partners with common interest, create joint development and ensure joint benefits. On […]

EURECA spotlighted by datacenterworks.nl

During the event DCD Converged (London, 19 November 2015), the organisation Data Center Alliance (partner of the EURECA project) gave the spotlight to the EURECA project. The project resulted from the PEDCA project and now will give more focus on sharing good practices and experiences throughout European cities’ public authorities. The European Commission acknowledged since […]

SURF-EURECA Workshop Higher Education sector

On the Novembre 26th 2015, SURFsara and the Dutch partners of the EURECA project worked together to encourage sustainable procurement in higher education sector. Esther van Bergen (Green IT Amsterdam) presented the EURECA project and Dirk Harryvan (Certios) presented results from a recent survey among higher education organisations in the Netherlands on the status of […]

The 2nd EURECA Workshop in Riga

The EURECA project, the City of Riga and Riga Energy Agency will be organising the 2nd workshop of EURECA on the 12th of November 2015. Key representatives from the Latvian Public Sector and members of the project will share discussions and insights about the potential added value of EURECA’s framework and tool in the context […]

Piecing together the R&D Jigsaw

Research and Development plays a central role in the innovation process. It’s basically an investment in potential future capabilities which is transformed into new products, processes, and services. But as Lee Funnell points out in his article this month, the culture and focus of value-add is a fundamental ingredient for success. In the industry and […]

EURECA at the Annual EU Innovation Procurement event

The European Commission (EC) is pleased to organise this two-day event in collaboration with the City of Paris. It is the kick-off event of the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (eafip) initiative launched by the EC to mainstream, promote and assist the implementation of Innovation Procurements in Europe. Public procurers, policy makers and experts that are […]