EURECA at the Imagine the Urban Future event

The EUROCITIES knowledge society forum (KSF) and the Green Digital Charter (GDC) initiative, will gather city representatives, policy makers and experts from across Europe to debate over expectations, opportunities and the impact of digital technologies in co-creating future cities and societies, with citizens.

European cities have the potential to lead by example urban development worldwide, this event aims at exploring which are the challenges ahead and how future cities will look like. The debate will raise questions related to the changing landscape thanks to new technologies and the increasing engagement of citizens in the public space. This will include, for examples: Big data: what are the opportunities and the challenges for cities? What does ‘open governance’ mean to cities and how do they put it into practice? How new technologies are changing the local economies and jobs?

Dr Bashroush of EURECA will be moderating the workshop on “Business Models and Procurement” at the event that will take place at the Residence Palace, Brussels, on 23rd January 2018 from 11:45am to 12:15pm. The workshop will discuss: How do we guarantee public interest while generating economic and social value? Which are the business models that serve society?

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Edited: 20th February 2018- Interview with Rabih Bashroush of EURECA by GDC released today: