The 10th EURECA Workshop in Riga

On the 8th of November, we are organising in one of our pilot city, Riga, Latvia.

During this workshop, we will bring attention to energy efficiency and sustainability of data centre products and services and share experiences and various case studies from industry experts and public sector representatives. The topics are ranging from data centre contracts, KPI’s and innovation procurement around energy efficiency.

Dr Rabih Bashroush (EURECA Project Coordinator) and Jaak Vlasveld (Director Green IT Amsterdam) as well as 2 to 3 external speakers will be part of this upcoming workshop.

Key case studies from industry leaders will be showcased based on their experiences and how business cases can leverage them.

We have 7 learning objectives for you to benefit from and at the end of this day, the delegates will receive an official EURECA Continuous Professional Development training certificate.

This full day is suitable for:

  • C level IT executives,
  • ICT managers,
  • policy makers,
  • energy managers,
  • data centre managers,
  • procurement professionals.

To register, and for more details, please visit the event website on .