Annual DCA Member’s Conference

Manchester, 15th July 2015 – 10am – 4pm
Manchester, Manchester, M13 9PL
Presenter: Data Centre Alliance in association with the EURECA Consortium

We are pleased to announce the date of this year’s Annual DCA Member’s Conference which will be held on the 15th July at Manchester University. This is an opportunity for the DCA and its members to review all the successes and progress made in the previous year, and update you on what is planned for the year ahead including an update on the EURECA Project . The conference also provides members the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas which is key in ensuring the DCA remains effective in supporting you and the industry.

The conference is free to attend for all DCA Members, however with only a capacity to accommodate 150 attendees we would urge you all to book your place by registering on the button below as soon as possible.

The timing of the conference has been designed to coincide with the Datacentre Transformation Conference (DTC) and (time permitting) we encourage all members planning on attending the Annual Members Conference to also register and attend DTC as well the day before on the 14th July which will be hosted at the same venue.