Radostina Schivatcheva

Researcher in the Department of Political Science, Free University Berlin; and Research Intern, University of East London
Tina’s internship within EURECA will study potential public procurement criteria for data centers that would help the production of more renewable energy. Her PhD research explores sustainable development and renewable energy transitions in a developmental context, focusing on the challenges of the post-socialist states and the role of the European Union. Tina is a recent holder of the Manfred Heindler Research Grant fellowship for research of the continued use of renewable energies and the increased efficiency of energy consumption; this residential fellowship was hosted by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology, Technical University, Graz, Austria (December, 2016-June, 2017). In the period 2015-2016 she held DAAD junior research fellowships from the University Alliance for Sustainability (UAS) in affiliation with the Saint Petersburg State University in Russia.
Tina’s undergraduate qualifications include a Bachelor of Forest Engineering, specializing in environmenal management (University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria) and an undergraduate degree in political science (University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada). Following her successful completion of a Masters in International Relations from the University of Cambridge, UK, she spent an additional period undertaking pre-doctoral directed studies and graduate courses at the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Cambridge, UK.