Marc-Andree Wolf

CEO and senior expert, maki Consulting
Marc is currently the owner and senior expert of maki Consulting since May 2012. He holds a PhD in Engineering. He has 15 years professional experience on the development and use of life cycle based methods indicators software and data. Marc is supporting governmental bodies private companies and EU-level associations as well as other consultants as advisor and senior expert reviewer developer and trainer. Among others he has advised the European Commission’s DG CONNECT as contractor on KPIs for Green Datacenters a work that will be a starting point for the environmental indicator work in this project. Previously Marc worked at the European Commission’s JRC-IES from 2005 to 2012 where his main assignment was to implement the “European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment” which formed the key basis for the European Commission’s ongoing Product and Organizational Environmental Footprint (PEF/OEF) pilots.

Marc’s role in the project is to lead the development on the method framework for including the life cycle based environmental performance of data centres and services into GPP via simple yet meaningful and robust indicators. Marc will moreover develop the evaluation method for the net achievement via EURECA-based improved procurement and the policy recommendations based on the project’s insights. Marc says: “My goal for EURECA is to substantially enhance the validity of green public procurement of datacenters and datacentes services by advancing existing metrics and indicators and enrich them with life cycle data to yield simple-to-obtain yet robust indicators of the datacenter’s environmental performance”.

                                                                                       Telephone: +49 (0)8031 4698679