Kirana Chomkhamsri

CFO and senior consultant, maki Consulting
Kirana has 12 years professional experience in life cycle based method and data development and case studies currently working part-time as researcher at Technical University Berlin and as consultant. Kirana holds a Master in Chemical Engineering. In 2012-2013 she worked as consultant for the European Commission’s DG CONNECT on ICT- related environmental evaluation including on GPP of data centers and cloud services. Previously she has worked for 4 years at the European Commission’s JRC-IES as a technical expert on Life Cycle Assessment on the development of the original Product and Organization Environmental Footprint (PEF/OEF guides and the review guides under the ILCD Handbook. Previously she has technically led the development of the Thai National LCA database in close collaboration with industry and has supported different Thai industries in Ecodesign labelling and other Cleaner Technology and life cycle based applications among others on air conditioners and towards the first ever EU Ecolabel for a Thai company (in the textile sector).

Kirana’s role in the project is to strengthen the framework development from GPP perspective and to work on the application in the case studies and for evaluating the achievement of the call targets. Kirana says “my expectation is that EURECA will be a successful showcase of life cycle based ‘green’ public and also private procurement for complex technologies and services”.
                                                            Telephone+49 (0)8031 4698679